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Babyliss Trimmers

Babyliss Trimmers

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Discover the professional quality of the Babyliss Trimmers, a versatile all-metal cord/cordless hair trimmer designed for precise edging, hard lines, and detailed work. The exposed T-blade offers 360-degree visibility, making it perfect for creating crisp, clean outlines and can also be used as a beard trimmer. With a high-torque, brushless engine operating at 7200 RPM, this trimmer delivers powerful performance in a durable all-metal housing with a knurled barbell grip.

  • Lithium-Ion Battery for Cord/Cordless Use
  • 2-Hour Runtime for Extended Use
  • Detent Hanging Hook for Easy Storage
  • Dual Voltage for Worldwide Use
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty for Peace of Mind

Each BabylissPRO CustomFX FX787 Hair Trimmer comes with a white keepsake tin storage box, charging cable, outlining trimmer zero gap tool, trimmer blade cleaning brush, trimmer blade cover that fits all FX787 series trimmers, lubricant, and instruction booklet.

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